M Noblett


Mike joined JGA straight from The University of Edinburgh in 2013. Here is his story:

I first learned of JGA while in my first year of university when I was looking for a summer work placement at a fire engineering company.  I spent two summers working in the Edinburgh office in 2009 and 2012.  After graduating in 2013 I joined JGA as I wanted to be part of an industry leading company in a specialist field. The team here is also very approachable at all levels.

Since joining I have not looked back. From the onset I was involved in real projects adding value to the team. The training at JGA is on the job rather than a separated training programme on imaginary projects. The on the job training was great for me, as this got me involved with the team and let me know very quickly what the job role would be.

It can be quite a demanding job, as client deadlines need to be met, but it is rewarding to work with some of the world’s best architects and design teams.

There is a great support network within the company. The senior staff offer mentoring on technical work, written communication, preparing for meetings and all other aspects of the job. The team encourage progression within the company and towards gaining chartership. Within 18 months of joining I was promoted to Senior Engineer and then Principal Engineer a further 18 months later. Unlike other companies there is no limit on age / experience or numbers in the senior levels.

The work at the company is very diverse covering all building types. No two buildings are the same, and each project presents a new challenge. As a fire engineer part of the job involves getting out of the office to attend site visits or meetings with the design team, client or approving authorities. During my career this has ranged from attending meetings in my first couple of weeks, site visits to numerous buildings of historic importance, and presenting at the company’s annual conference about assessing the smoke venting performance of covered shopping centres using CFD.